Little Alma on the Great Journey

This bilingual picture book unfolds the captivating story of Alma Karlin. I wanted to pay tribute to Alma Maksimilijana Karlin, one of the best-known and most daring Slovenian women, on the 100th anniversary of the start of Alma’s journey around the world. Poet, writer, and translator Milan Dekleva created the accompanying text, addressing children and adults alike.

Through the picture book, we embark on a visual journey alongside Alma to distant worlds and far corners of the globe. Through a poetic lens, the illustrations draw us into a mysterious world full of adventure. The story expresses the power and allure of little Alma as she navigates landscapes on her great journey.

The Silk Road Trilogy part 1

Hallerstein: The Foreign Astronomer in the Forbidden City

This picture book narrates the story of the remarkable journey of the Slovenian scholar Ferdinand Augustin Hallerstein, also known as Liu Songling. Arriving in China in 1736 as a young scientist and Jesuit with profound knowledge of mathematics and astronomy, he found himself in the court of the Chinese Emperor Qianlong, where he became the head of a team of astronomers.

Through its pages, Slovenian and Chinese children alike can learn about the rich history of Hallerstein and his era. The illustrations, made using old painting techniques on Chinese paper, add a timeless artistic dimension to this enchanting tale.

The Silk Road Trilogy part 2

Giuseppe Castiglione: A Painter in the Forbidden City

In this picture book, readers immerse themselves in the life and artistic legacy of this important Italian painter. A devoted Italian Jesuit, Castiglione arrived in China in 1715, where he stayed for fifty-one years. During his service in the imperial court, he composed many paintings and won more favour from the three Qing emperors than other European missionaries and court painters. He ultimately attained the esteemed position of the chief court painter.

Due to various historical circumstances, Castiglione’s contributions remained absent from mainstream Chinese fine arts history and largely unknown to foreign historians. In the age of globalisation, his outstanding role in fostering Chinese-Western cultural exchange has been unveiled and acknowledged. The bilingual nature of this book caters to both Chinese and Slovenian readers, ensuring that the story reaches a wider audience.

The Silk Road Trilogy part 3

I, Marco Polo

I, Marco Polo unfolds a first-person narrative, written in a Genoa prison in 1298. It tells the captivating tale of Marco Polo’s journey to East Asia in chronological order, guiding readers through the most intriguing episodes of his adventures.

This bilingual picture book offers readers a glimpse into the wonders of China, the Silk Road, and the Chinese language. Through vivid descriptions of Marco Polo’s adventures, the readers can explore and understand the rich tapestry of faraway lands, fostering a deeper appreciation for our global history and the shared experience that transcends cultural boundaries.